Katie Thomas
The Competition of the SkyScraps of PaperSequesteredThe Moon Rides Like a GirlWhose Guests are Hundreds LeavesTo Find the Sunrise LeftSlantedWithin So Wild A PlaceWho Spun the Breadths of BlueHer RoomBy Withes of Supple Blue
Illuminated By the Passage of Time
ephemeral photo collage and inkjet prints

This recent work is inspired by the idea that light is a symbol of time passing. Light transforms objects and atmosphere; it changes through the day, day by day, and through the seasons. My attention fixes on subtle visual experiences created by light, shadow and reflection; light through glass; light interacting within architectural spaces; shadows that become the essence of things.

I use the frame here as emblematic of architectural elements; the windows, and door frames, the structures we view the world through so much of the time

I've used both collected imagery, and my own photographs to create temporary collages I photograph.

The titles are inspired by the life and poetry of Emily Dickinson. I feel a resonance with the idea of being sequestered in one’s space. I relate to the image of the poet, tucking her ideas in her apron pocket through the day, to arrange into poems later in the privacy of her room.